by Tyler Vongthongchit

Finished Games

"A Dark Room"

My first horror game. A choose your own text-based adventure about forcing interpretations on dreams and nightmares.

'A Fictional Story Created Out of Real Photographs'

A surreal, postmodern piece on the unreliability of maps, cooperation, and true freedom from a surreal room. Created with a bunch of pretty photos I took, both digital and film. Made for a Digital Humanities final commenting on the ethicality of data expropriation.

In Progress Games


While making a game in RPGMaker, I found myself dissatisfied with the traditional turn-based system. It reduced the amount of skill involved, and was honestly really annoying to me in games like Persona 3. So I thought about how to make a turn-based game more fun, active, and skill-based.

I simply added one mechanic: press the down key (under specific frames) to dodge.

"Douglas Firs"

Twine game about friendship, detective, mind-games, and the end of a High School group of friends. Will be uploaded in its entirety here. Formally called "CEDA".



For one of my college finals, I told my teacher that I could easily "recreate the feeling of Dark Souls even in something like Twine." The idea got turned down, partly because it sounded too ambitious in scale. But after messing around with the idea, I was able to create a combat system and two "bosses" in a single weekend.

Marlboro Demo, with First Two Bosses.

The result right now is a sort of meta "Punch-Out!"-like game, with a sort of mature "Groundhog Day" story mixed in. I want to keep working on this, since I believe it has a lot potential, especially with the combat. I can see it being very fun to figure out how each combat encounter works, and how to "one-shot" each individual boss. I can also see a lot of subversive work with the "respawning", and Marlboro's reactions to each death.